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Hey there!

I'm Anna Beth Eskridge, the interior stylist, organizer and lifestyle blogger behind Making Room for Peace, a community where I encourage men and women to shed what no longer serves them in order to make room for peace. When I’m not styling or decluttering, you'll likely find me in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, reading up on sustainability and slow living, or catching up with a girlfriend at a local coffee shop.

Do you want to know something?  I used to be a self-proclaimed pack-rat with a bedroom filled with stuff.  I had items that I loved mixed in with those that I no longer used or valued; and instead of leaving me feeling secure among the excess, I felt overwhelmed. 

It began to affect me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  It wasn’t until years later when I got married and moved into our current home that I began the process of letting go.  It was through the process of shedding my physical belongings that I began to address some of the negative thoughts and behaviors that I had been holding on to.  During this entire journey, I found that our physical possessions, our thoughts and our behaviors are very much intertwined and are reflected in the space that we live in.  

A few years and countless Goodwill bags later, I feel like a completely different person.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed I feel CONFIDENT and SECURE.  Instead of living from a place of scarcity and fear, I now come from a place of LOVE and ABUNDANCE.  I know what it feels like to live in anxiety and to hold on to the past but I also know what it feels like to experience freedom and peace.  Our mission here, at Making Room for Peace is to encourage men and women on their journey of shedding what no longer serves them (i.e. physical possessions, thoughts and behavior) in order to make room for peace.  Through our services and blog we help people to create a beautiful life that reflects their values and that is grounded in peace.

Making Room for Peace

A little bit about me...

I'm a city-girl who enjoys being out in nature and who is fascinated with slow living. While I don't ever see our family moving into a tiny house I do have dreams of someday finding a home that is 1,500 sq ft or less! I love to be at home but I also really enjoy being with others in community.


I bet you didn't know...

My husband and I have been together since our senior year of high school! He is currently earning his PhD in Physics while I have a B.A. in interior design... opposites really do attract! We are looking forward to adopting some children in the next few years.