The Guzman Sunroom


We recently had the chance to meet up with our Instagram friend Andrea Guzman (@ohndreeuh) in her beautiful home in Hampton, Virginia to tackle the decluttering of her sun-room and master bedroom. Nestled in the heart of Hampton, Andrea’s home is a gem - the classic architecture combined with the natural sunlight and Andrea’s cool mid-century modern style honestly gave me some serious house envy…

Dividing our project into two days, Andrea and I decided to focus on decluttering the sun-room one day and the master bedroom the next. Located right off the living room, the Guzman’s sun-room is used for a combination of things - a playroom for her young daughter, a space to practice yoga in, and a place to store bulky items such as strollers and exercise equipment. The bones of the sun-room were set into place, all we needed to focus on was clearing the clutter which covered a good bit of the floor and spilled into the cabinets. To achieve this, the first thing that we tackled were of the boxes and storage containers spread throughout the room. We went box by box identifying the items that we were to keep, recycle, shred or trash. Some of the boxes we moved out into the garage while others we set aside for Andrea’s husband to go through. Next we worked our way through the bookshelves, consolidating books, toys and plants - creating a space that is both functional as well as beautiful for Andrea and her daughter. Being a space that is right off the living room and that can be seen through the interior glass doors, it was important that the sun-room look just a beautiful as the rest of the home.

Together we were able to declutter the sun-room in one session which was a surprise and relief to Andrea and her husband. It really is amazing to see what you can accomplish with the help of a professional organizer, who will help to keep things moving along and can aid in setting up a system for your space. Left alone, the process can be overwhelming and drag on never to be completed; but together we can get it done! Schedule your Consultation and Decluttering Session HERE!

Making Room for Peace | The Guzman Sunroom


Wooden cubbies such as as this one by Ikea are the perfect storage solution for play rooms. Most toys, books, and puzzles are all able to fit into these compact units whether in bins such as to the left or on shelves (as seen above). They allow for flexibility as your child grows and their toys come and go. Wooden cubbies can also be used to house crafts, sports equipment and shoes.

Making Room for Peace | The Guzman Sunroom


For wooden cubbies with built in shelving units such as this one from Target, woven baskets such as the one to the left are a must for storing items such as diapers and wipes, small toys, and craft supplies.



We all know by now that large baskets are the quick and easy solution to sweeping up clutter. Perfect for playrooms and living rooms alike, large baskets such as this one from World Market are great for storing toys and blankets. TIP: when selecting a basket make sure that you have one that’s large enough and sturdy enough for the items you plan on storing in it. You don’t want things to be overflowing out of it.