Going Natural: Phillip Adam Shampoo & Conditioner


Finding natural hair and skin products that are not only beautiful but that actually work can sometimes feel like a struggle. You have such high hopes when you see a product in a store, but when you take it home and give it a go, you find that it doesn’t always perform. When Phillip Adam reached out to me a few months ago about testing their shampoo and conditioner, I was eager to give them a try.

I was intrigued by their incorporation of apple cider vinegar in their shampoo and conditioner formulas, as ACV is well known for providing a beautiful sheen to one’s hair. Several months prior to using their products, I had purchased an expensive organic shampoo and conditioner that I had seen featured in numerous blogs and magazine articles. I figured if it had worked for so many others, why not give it a go? While I felt comfort in the fact that I wasn’t putting harmful chemicals directly onto my scalp, I was greatly disappointed in the performance of this product. My hair ended up looking and feeling oily and stringy. Not the cutest look, to say the least! Contrasted with the use of Phillip Adam’s shampoo and conditioner, which consists of ACV combined with a few other natural ingredients, my hair was left feeling fresh, shiny and light-weight. It even brought out the natural waves of may hair, cutting my morning beauty routine in half!

Not only do Phillip Adam products perform but they are of substance. Along with being paraben free, they are also: biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free, and GMO free. On the back of every container, you can find a full list of ingredients used in the product, helping you to make the safest product choice for your hair and body. These products can be purchased online.


This post was sponsored by Phillip Adam. | Photography & Styling: Making Room for Peace