The Hurt's Sun-Room


If you had to take a poll on the favorite room in the Hurt’s house it would most likely be the sun-room. Right off the kitchen and the den, this room has the most beautiful views of the creek out back, which rides up along the property. “We have always wanted a water view, but never thought that it would be in our budget, but this house proved us wrong!  This place was not love at first sight.  We consider this house to be OUR diamond in the rough.  With a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we are slowly transforming this house into our home.  It is definitely a work in progress!”

Work in progress it may be (the Hurt’s are currently finishing up building wrap-around seating along the screened edge of the sun-room), this room is a gem. With floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the majority of the space, sunlight is able to stream in throughout the day, creating a warmth and a glow. While the bones of the room are neutral, we added in pops of color via hanging plants, caned furniture, and the colorful vintage area rug. A sleek mid-century modern table is centered in the room, beckoning for a game of monopoly or for a cocktail, which can be concocted within the discreet bar-set up we put together in the pie-safe. It’s the little things such as the pie-safe bar and the painted olive green ceiling, that make this room stand out. Traditional pieces mixed in with more contemporary ones is a signature of Rebecca’s taste in design, and something that I just love about her. The juxtaposition ensures that her spaces are up-to-date while remaining timeless.

The Hurt's Sun-Room | Making Room for Peace