A Year of Growth

A Year of Growth (Room for Peace)

If I had to characterize the year 2016 in one word, I would say that for me it was a year of incredible “growth”.  Growth in my relationship with God and finding out who I am and what I truly believe in. 

A lot of that growth came this past autumn when I became suddenly convicted of my practice as a Christian.  While there had been seasons in my life of great intimacy with God, I found that in that moment my current relationship had no substance.  I felt like a fraud.  I still believed in God, but I had been flirting with some spiritual “new age” practices which I discovered that while they offered some positive benefits they didn’t they bring me true, pro-longed peace.  I also found that my newly adopted minimalist lifestyle seemed incomplete.  That past year and a half I had been busy de-cluttering our home and had been enjoying the benefits, but in a way I was left empty.  The whole point of minimalism is to let go in order to create space for what we value.  But what did I really value?

It wasn’t until Labor Day weekend that I decided I had to make a choice – either I was going to do this or not.  I couldn’t afford to be lukewarm any longer (Revelation 3:16).  I was ready to find some peace. From that Friday evening through Monday afternoon, I threw myself into the Word, in prayer, and in spiritual teachings.  I literally sat on the couch in our living room for the whole weekend and hashed it out with God.  That weekend has made the year 2016 one of the most incredible times of my life...

I now know what I value, what I believe in, and what I’m called to do.  I believe that through the process of shedding things (physical items, thoughts, and feelings) that no longer serve us we are able to make room for peace.  We are able to create space for what brings us joy in life.  The process of getting there will look different for everyone.  For me, it was through the shedding of physical items, negative thoughts and false teachings that I was able to make room for peace in my life. 

What word would you use to describe the year 2016 for you?