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Taking a Social Media Fast

Social media is an incredible tool.  It is a culmination of platforms that allow people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, all over the world.  These platforms have allowed families to have increased contact with one another through the use of video, photographs, and text.  They have been a inexpensive marketing platform for businesses to promote their product to customers and to connect on a deeper level. 

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DIY: Creating a In-Expensive "Slipcover"

Like most engaged couples, my husband and I were blessed to have been gifted with furniture from family.  Even better, everyone was so kind in not being too pushy with their gifts.  If we didn't like it or felt that we didn't have space for it, they were okay with that.  While most of the pieces of furniture, we kept as is, one of the pieces that I altered was our sofa and love-seat.  

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