Designing Table Linens Workshop


Last month, Making Room for Peace had the opportunity to host one of our very first workshops at Hip Innovative Studio Boutique in Newport News!  We gathered with women of all ages for a beautiful morning of creating, reflecting, and of joining in community together.  While we had planned to host the workshop on the lawn outside of Hip however the torrential downpour led us inside - which couldn't have been more perfect!  The white walls, concrete floors, and peaceful atmosphere at Hip presented the perfect environment for a relaxing Saturday morning.

As the women trickled in, we all grabbed a Jolly Roasters Coffee and headed to the workshop table, where I was able to share how to design your own table linens using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  I firmly believe that good design does not have to be expensive and so it is my joy to share with others various ways in which you create beautiful pieces for your home without breaking the bank.  In this workshop, the women learned how to: dye fabric, stencil on fabric, and create beautiful tie-die/shibori-like patterns using Chalk Paint!  If you haven't heard about this paint, it is amazing!  It is the original Chalk Paint and can be used on just about anything.  I really appreciate this line of paint for how safe it is to use in the home.  It is a low VOC paint and is water-based.  It feels quite similar to acrylic, so it is also a lot of fun to use for creating art.  Using the techniques that we learned, everyone was able to design three tea-towels and a set of twelve napkins!  


After rinsing off and hanging up our pieces to dry, we all joined in around the table to enjoy a snack and to have a conversation about anxiety, led by licensed clinical social worker, Meghan Freeman of Abundant Life Partners.  One of the many things that I appreciate about Meghan is the holistic perspective that she takes in practice.  At Abundant Life Partners, Meghan and her associates believe in addressing all aspects of a person's life - the physical, spiritual, environmental, as well as pyschological to encourage positive outcomes.  I was so thrilled when Meghan agreed to come speak our group on this topic. 

In all of our workshops here at Making Room for Peace, we like to have elements of "creating" and "reflecting" because we believe that the two go hand-in-hand.  When we are in our element and are feeling creative, we tend to feel "safe" and more in tune with our feelings.  What we create then is often a true reflection of how we are feeling at that time, a reflection of what's going on in our heart.  In our "Design Your Own Table Linens" workshop, we were able to leave not only with a set of new skills but also with a sense of feeling valued and refreshed.


Interested in having us come host a workshop like this in your home or at Hip Innovative Studio Boutique?  Shoot us an email and let's set something up!  To stay up-to-date on all of our future workshops and events, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!