DIY: Creating a In-Expensive "Slipcover"


Like most engaged couples, my husband and I were blessed to have been gifted with furniture from family.  Even better, everyone was so kind in not being too pushy with their gifts.  If we didn't like it or felt that we didn't have space for it, they were okay with that.  While most of the pieces of furniture we kept as-is, one of the pieces that I altered was our sofa and love-seat (originally from This End Up).  The solid, wood frame went beautifully with our home, the forest green and ruby red paisley cushions however did not...  Though I don't tend to think of myself as a big "DIY-er" I quickly came up with a solution of how to transform these dated cushions into something a bit more current.

After measuring out about how much fabric I would need for this project, I headed to a fabric store where I purchased about 10 yards of a beautiful, in-expensive linen/cotton blend.  When I got home, I rolled the fabric out on the floor, placed a cushion on top of the fabric and cut out how much I would need. I secured the fabric to the cushion with fabric tape and large safety pins; and voila!  Having loose cushions made this project especially easy and possible.  It would have been a bit more challenging if they were attached to the wood frame.  This "slipcover" project cost less than $100.00 and is a great, sustainable option to buying new.  


  • Fabric

  • Scissors

  • Large Safety Pins

  • *Fabric tape


*While I used fabric tape for this project, I'm not sure I would do it again.  It was a little annoying/messy to work with and will become useless when I was my "slip covers".  Large safety pins should do the job just fine.