The Do's & Don'ts: How to Get Your Home Ready To Sell

The Do's & Don't Of Getting Your Home Ready to Sell | Making Room for Peace

One of the services that we offer here at Making Room for Peace is getting your home ready to sell.  Whether that looks like a decluttering session or a styling session, we are here to help!  No matter what type of service your looking for, your end goal is to create a space that is bright and airy, spacious and clean, and one that buyers can envision themselves living in.


Do Have Fresh Flowers & Greenery Throughout the House

Its amazing what some fresh flowers and greenery can do to breathe life into a space!  You'll want to make sure to add some to your home when it is on the market to keep things feeling fresh and vibrant.


Do Open the Curtains & Blinds, Allowing Natural Light to Flood In

Having your window treatments open and pulled back is very important when selling a home.  The natural light that comes into a space makes it feel not only happier but also larger.


Don't Have Overflowing Closets

Something that I recently learned and thought was a great idea is when decluttering and organizing your closets in order to sell: empty them out and then only put half back in.  This allows buyers to see the size of the closet and how/if their things can fit in.


Do Consolidate Your Art

One of the things that I've noticed when walking through homes is that artwork is often spread out all throughout the house, with something on every wall.  While I believe in the power of art of enhance a space and to help tell a story, too much of it can be distracting and overwhelming.  Consider not having art on every single wall but rather having curated collections.  


Don't Always Feel Like You Need a Rug

While a rug can do wonders to ground a room - especially in a dining room or living room - it is not always necessary.  In fact, it can sometimes make a room feel smaller and darker than it really is.  When staging a home, I advise not having any rugs or floor mats in the kitchen or hallways (minus the entryway), as you want the space to seem as large as possible.  It also gives the buyer an opportunity to focus on the beautiful flooring, molding, and details.


Do Clean Out the Garage

I know that for many, they don't have the luxury of storing all of their items in an off-site storage unit while their house is being shown however it is really important that you try to keep "the big sellers", such as the kitchen and garage as clean and spacious feeling as possible.  I tell people that if possible, organize the garage and have at least half of it clear.  Buyers need to see that they can put a car and their tools in there.


Don't Assume That You Need to Renovate

Sometimes its worth the renovation while other times it doesn't make economical sense.  Do your research and see what your realtor has to say. 


Do Keep the Kitchen Counters Clear

The kitchen is the biggest seller of a home now a days.  It is where all of the action happens from cooking to homework to entertaining dinner guests.  Its the hub of the household.  By keeping your kitchen counters clear minus a few select things (i.e. the coffeemaker, soap, and vase of flowers) your kitchen will appear larger (and cleaner) to buyers.  Your goal is to take away as many distractions in the kitchen as possible.  This includes the counters, walls, and refrigerators. 


Don't Buy Things for Staging That You Won't Use In Your New Home

While there is no harm in investing in a few items to freshen up your home (i.e. some fresh hand towels) make sure that the items that you are purchasing are ones that you will use in your next home.  When staging, less is often more, so don't worry about shopping.


Do Consider Getting the Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Whether you rent a vacuum or you hire a professional, consider giving your rugs and carpet a good cleaning.  You'll be amazed how much hair and dirt can seep into rugs, giving them an uneven coloration.  Brighten up and enlarge your flooring with a good deep cleaning!


Don't Forget About the Exterior

When walking through a client's home I can sometimes become so focused on the interior that I forget an important part of the house - the exterior!  My advice for most you is to make sure that the yard is mowed, that any tree limbs or weeds are picked up, that your planters hold fresh flowers, and that your general landscape design is in good condition.  Consider adding a few plants here there to spruce it up and fill it in as needed.  Don't forget to power-wash the sidewalk, driveway and outside of the house, so that it appears fresh and in great condition.  Also think about giving the shutters and front door a fresh coat of paint.


Don't Feel Like You Have to Do Everything All At Once

Selling a house is a lot.  A lot of emotion, time, and energy.  Your going to have a laundry list of things that you need to do in order to get ready to move and to sell however take some deep breaths - you don't need to do everything all at once.  Take it step by step.  Designate one or two small projects after work and then the larger ones on the weekends.  Ask friends and family for help, as needed.  You've got this!