My Top 10 Favorite Second Hand Buys


Most of y'all know by now that I love shopping second hand. Consignment stores, thrift shops, antique stores... You'd be amazed at what you can find.  Whether your looking for furniture, home decor, clothing, books, or appliances - these places have it all and more; gently used and at great prices.  Not only that, but as these pieces are "gently used" your automatically taking your style and sustainability game up a level.  There's a rule of design that you don't want to buy your whole look from the same store - you want it to be a thoughtful curation of pieces - some old and some new.  Below are a list of my top ten favorite second hand purchases - I'd love to hear in the comments below what some of yours are, plus where you like to shop at.


1.)  Wooden platter & bowls | I scoured these items from a local consignment store in town and use them when I host snack at work meetings, bible study, etc.  I love their mid-century modern vibe!

2.) Wicker basket | I had been wanting a wicker basket/purse after seeing photos of Jeane Damas and Camile Rowe with one.  I think its so chic and '70's!  I found this one at a local thrift store for a few dollars.

3.) Old, colorful books | Everyone knows that books - particularly old, colorful books - are my favorite prop to use when styling.  They can be used in so many different ways as and are an easy way to add character to a space.

4.) Tortoise vase | found at a thrift store up in Northern Virginia this is truly one of my favorite second hand purchases.  

5.) Brass lamps | purchased at my favorite hole-in-the-wall antique stores in Williamsburg, Virginia these brass lamps have helped bring our bedroom to life.  The hammered metal, beautiful shades, and metallic color are just as current now as when they were originally made.

6.) White dress | since discovering a few key consignment stores its hard for me to go back to shopping at big box stores.  Clothing found in consignment and thrift stores is not only stylish but its also unique, durable, and environmentally friendly.

7.) Crystal | I love incorporating natural elements into the home through the use of crystals, shells, and natural materials.  I found this ivory colored crystal at an antique store in town for under $30.00 and absolutely love it.

8.) Nude bust | adding classic elements into your space, no matter you style, is important.  This nude bust blends in beautifully with a vignette of framed art on our bedroom dresser.

9.)  Wooden frames | if you are looking for wooden frames buy. second. hand.  Seriously.  Second hand stores are filled with all sorts of beautiful wooden frames; frames that come in all sorts of sizes and designs.  

10.) American flag | When I saw this old, American flag at my favorite antique store I had to have it.  It's worn, stained and slightly frayed and I love it!  Right now we have it stored away but I plan on using it some day in our home whether its over a console, in a nursery, or on a porch.