Nothing Is Too Precious


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Corner Gallery's first ever Dinner With the Artists in which I gathered together with locals, creatives, and artists from all across Virginia to discuss life, art, and our own creative pursuits.  It was evening filled with beautiful artwork, inspiring creatives, and delicious food but what I loved most about the event was the conversation.  During our meal gallery owner Anne Smith went around the table asking the celebrated artists questions about their work, process, and life.  One question that came up was "have you ever thrown any pieces away?"  Everyone answered in their own way but one answer that stood out to me was by artist Sarah Trundele was that she had.  "I've learned to have the mindset that nothing is too precious", she explained.  If a piece isn't working out she'll subsequently go over it or throw it out.  She doesn't feel the need to hold on.  I thought her answer to this question to be so simple and yet profound as it can be applied to so many aspects of life.  There is so much freedom in letting go.  It's only then after we shed what no longer serves us that we are able to move on and experience something new.



Photographs by Zoe Grant.