Sustainable Gift Wrap Alternatives


Let’s be honest, we all appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift. Whether we’re handed one at a party or see one sitting under a tree; it simpy shows an additional layer of thoughtfulness and creativity amidst one of the busiest times of the year.

Why not elevate your gift wrapping this holiday season by using some sustainable alternatives to all of the wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and cello sheets out there? Not only will you show your loved ones how much you care about them but also how much you care about the environment! These sustainable gift wrapping alternatives are easy to find - you might already have some in your home. Not only are they practical (i.e. can be used for other gifts year round) but they are inexpensive too. Most big box stores carry a variety of tea towels, baskets and bins however your local thrift store is sure to have these items as well.

Gift wrapping this way provides a creative opportunity to use natural, resuable and recycable materials in new and interesting ways. Whether it’s by incorporating some fresh greenery, using a beautiful tote bag, or wrapping something up in a tea towel - there are so many routes that you can go (check out some more ideas here)!


Sustainable Gift Wrapping Alternatives




Paper is wonderful alternative to plastic or Styrofoam when it comes to wrapping, packaging and shipping items.  After your finished with it all you have to do is throw it in the recycling!




Really "up" your gift wrapping game by wrapping your present using a beautiful tea towel or piece of cloth this holiday season.   


Card Board Box


Card board boxes such as these are a great way to package gifts such as clothing or delicate pieces that need a lot of protection.  Do your best to re-use them over and over again, until its time for them to be recycled.


Tote Bag


Instead of a traditional paper gift bag why not opt for a tote bag such as this one by Made? It can hold more weight than paper plus it’s reusable!


Woven Basket


Woven baskets are the perfect sustainable gift wrapping alternative for heavy gifts!  They're sturdy and can hold a lot; and the best part is, they can be used afterwards for all sorts of things!


Fresh Greenery


What better way to top off your gift wrapping than with some fresh, seasonal greenery or spices (think: pine, cinnamon sticks, etc.).


Wooden Box


Unique wooden boxes are a beautiful way to wrap and present a gift.  You can find them at antique stores, thrift stores, as well as big-box stores.




Instead of tape, I generally try to use hemp, ribbon or twine when wrapping gifts.