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The Jar Method of Organizing

A girlfriend and I were preparing lunch at my house a few months ago when she opened my fridge and gasped, "look at your fridge?!  It's so beautiful and organized?!"  Her reaction caught me off guard but at the same time I could see why she was impressed.  Having our fridge arranged as we do not only looks beautiful but clearly saves: time, money, energy, and space. 

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Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Having an organized closet is an incredibly freeing thing.  Not only is it beautiful to the eye but it is efficient and money saving.  It takes the stress out of getting dressed because you know exactly what you have.  Plus, all of the pieces that you do have are ones that you treasure - they are items that reflect your style, your life.  When we are able to see what we have it avoids us purchasing items that we don't need.

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