Taking a Social Media Fast


Social media is an incredible tool.  It is a culmination of platforms that allow people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, all over the world.  These platforms have allowed families to have increased contact with one another through the use of video, photographs, and text.  They have been a inexpensive marketing platform for businesses to promote their product to customers and to connect on a deeper level.  Social media is an exciting field - one that is ever changing.  The algorithms and capabilities of these platforms are constantly being altered and developed.  It's an exciting time to be alive!  Like anything though too much of a good thing is not good; and for a lot of us that's what social media has become.

In a world where we are now more connected than ever before, we are a people that feel increasingly alone.  We find short-term solstice in our online communities but when we put our phones and turn off the computers, we are feeling alone and empty.  We have to realize that these platforms cannot replace our real-time, face-to-face interactions.  Marketing expert Jenna Kutcher does a great job about reminding her online community that: what if you woke up tomorrow and social media no longer existed?  You no longer had access to these platforms or your followers?  What would you do?  How would that affect your business?  I'd like to take this question a step further and ask a rather blunt question: what if you didn't wake up tomorrow at all?  What if today was your last day and at least 120 minutes of that day was spent scrolling?  

What are we doing?  What are we doing wasting our lives on this phone?  On these platforms?  Why are seeking peace in places where it does not exist?  These platforms are good and useful in moderation but lets be honest - we are all spending way too much time on them.  We only have one life.  One.  Let's make something of it.  You feel alone?  Then lets do the work to invest in our relationships - to create community.  You feel unfulfilled?  Then lets determine our values and make some changes in our life that will allow us to live our beliefs out.  You feel empty?  Turn to the ultimate source of peace.  We have one life to live on this Earth, let's not waste it friends.


During the season of lent, Making Room for Peace will be taking a social media fast.

We will not be posting on either of our Instagram or Facebook platforms however we will continue to write and publish blog posts.  If you would like to stay updated and receive these, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!