The Less You Own, The More You Have


The less you own, the more you have.  Ask most people what they want out of life and its usually the same three things: more money, more time and less stress.  At a TEDx talk a few years back writer Angela Horn explained that while most people desire these three things they don't believe that they are attainable.  Living a debt-free lifestyle is a lot more tangible than people may think.  When we spend without thinking and live beyond our means we often times find ourselves stressed out and living paycheck to paycheck.  Its only after we get rid of the clutter and stop buying just for buying's sake that we will begin to attain a sense of financial peace and freedom.


More Money


By reducing your monthly overheads, you are left with money than can be used towards doing things that you had always desired to do but never seemed to have the time (i.e. traveling or trying out a new activity).  You also have the opportunity to explore new career options such as going free-lance or taking a sabbatical!  


More Time


The less you own, the simpler your life and the more time you have.  Time that can be used for doing the things that you value and enjoy but just never seemed to get around to (i.e. reading, taking that yoga class, cooking, spending time with your kids).


Less Stress


Stuff makes life unnecessarily complicated.  A larger house just means "more to clean, more to maintain and more to fix when things go wrong.  The less you own, the less you have to worry about."  This decrease in stress is due more than to owning less stuff but also the decrease that you now have in your monthly overheads.


The Challenge:

     1.) Get rid of at least one thing that you no longer love or use, everyday for 3 months.  After the first few days most people find that they are able to shed several items            as they begin to see and feel the freedom of less. 

     2.) Stop buying just for buying's sake.  No matter what marketers tell you you won't find happiness in possessions.  Sure you may get a sudden high upon first                        purchase but it won't last.



The Less You Own, The More You Have | Angela Horn | TEDx Talks.  2013.