The Process of Making Room for Peace



Do you ever feel that way? You walk into your home and are immediately confronted with piles of mail on the counter, toys scattered across the floor and laundry eyeing you from the basket in the corner.  You tell yourself that you'll get a handle on it eventually, that you can do this on your own but the reality is that you feel overwhelmed and that if you had been able to do it on your own, you probably would've by now.  Something needs to change.

The Process of Making Room for Peace 03


We can realize that "somethings gotta give" all day long but until we humble ourselves and lay everything down, we're not going to see a change.  Surrender is not a sign of weakness but of strength and clarity.  It's saying, "I know what it's like to have tried this on my own.  I'm ready to ask for help; to have someone come alongside of me to guide and to cheer me on."

The Process of Making Room for Peace 04


After realizing that somethings gotta give and that it is time to surrender, we can begin the process of shedding what no longer serves us in order to make room for peace.  This is where we can come in via our styling and decluttering services!

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Once you have completed the steps above it's time to create a system that you will be able to sustain over time; one that reflects your style, your values and how you function in your space.  After working closely with you through our styling and decluttering process we will be able to help put a system into place.


We know that the process of styling and decluttering can be overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to invite us to come alongside of you to guide and to cheer you on.  At the end of the process you will come out feeling like your space is finally a true reflection of your style and of what you value; moving you forward instead of holding you back.