A Bold & Dramatic Dining Room


When it came to the color for the Rebecca Hurt’s dining room we knew that we wanted to do something BOLD and DRAMATIC! After toying around with the idea of wall paper, the trendy color “mauve”, or a forest green we landed on Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball. A departure from the soft, neutral wall colors used throughout the rest of the home, this color makes a statement while undoubtedly remaining a classic - not to mention - it looks great with Rebecca’s collection of worn, vintage rugs and rich wooden furniture. To keep things from feeling too “stuffy” we incorporated a variety of contemporary touches throughout the room such as a record player, the woven shade over the light fixture, and a medicine cabinet filled with pieces picked up via travels. We also choose to flank one of the windows with two large, black and white portraits of her boys.

Luke _ Ashley Photography-84.jpg

Looks aside, the function of this room was up for debate as the family tends to eat around the counter in the kitchen or on their big, comfy leather sofa in the den. Down the road they plan on switching this traditional, fold-up table for a mid-century modern one with matching chairs, however for the mean time we decided to treat the dining room table as a decorative piece (i.e. this one and that one) where you could set your drink down as you put on a record. Along with drinks and records, we decided to feature a beautiful maidenhair fern in a blue and white porcelain bowl, in the center of the table. Coming into the Hurt’s home, the living room is right off to your left, leading into the dining room, so we wanted to make sure that this room while mainly decorative, was bold and inviting.


I think that both Rebecca and I would agree that our favorite thing about this room is the art work, namely the “YOU ARE HERE” and the vintage American flag. After seeing the “YOU ARE HERE” tea-towel nailed to the wall in our apartment several months ago, Rebecca knew that she had to have one of her own. For both us, there is something grounding about this piece of art, as it reminds us to breathe and live in the moment.


Photography: Luke & Ashley Photography | Styling: Making Room for Peace