Tips for Maintaining an Organized Kitchen


The kitchen is the most room in the home.  Its where everything happens from homework, to hanging out with friends and family, to cooking, and to meal planning for the week ahead.

Tips for Maintaining an Organized Kitchen

Everything Has a Home


Giving every item in your kitchen a home from your wine stopper to your Kitchen Aid mixer is the key to maintaining an organized kitchen.  There is no question about where something goes after your done using.  If its dirty in goes in the dishwasher, if its clean it goes back in it's assigned space.




Having an accessible kitchen means that it easy to locate the items that you use on a regular basis.  For instance, I have our all of our dishware and glassware in one, eye-level cupboard; while our thermoses and water-bottles are on a slightly higher cabinet above the stove.  Our spices also are where I can easily reach for them when working over the stove. 


Clear Glass Jars


There is more to the clear, glass jar trend than just looks!  I find them so helpful as they allow me to see how much I have of particular items.  They also make storing items a lot easier as they're then contained and not falling on top of each other as they might have been if they were stored in plastic bags.  


Make it Stylish


Your kitchen is the most used room in the home, so why not make it stylish?  I personally saw an increased level in my sense of happiness and the care to which I gave our kitchen items when I took the time to make our kitchen not only functional but beautiful.  Check it out.  


Get Rid of the Excess


The final key tip for maintaining an organized kitchen is to get rid of the excess.  Just do it - get rid of everything that you don't love, need, or use on a regular basis.  This helps your kitchen to be not only more organized but accessible and stylish.  If you find that you need something for an upcoming dinner party simply call a friend and ask to borrow it.