Vision Boards

Vision Boards - Making Room for Peace

Vision boards are a beautiful way of visualizing what you would like your future to hold.  What you would like to be doing, who you would like to be with, where you would like to be, and how you would like to feel.  They are something that is trending right now among the millennial and spiritual community, as a way to "manifest" ones future.  While I don't believe that we have the power to control the future (only God does) I do believe that it is wise to take time to meditate on where we are on our path, where we desire to be and how we might get there.   

Vision boards are a reminder to us, of who we are striving to become and of what we would like to accomplish.  Our family actually has one up in our dining room at home!  On it are pictures of family, friends, and role models who have impacted our life.  We also have our core family values; lists of places we would like to travel to; scripture; and quotes.  Up on the board we have photographs of the day that Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend years ago and meaningful mementos.  We haven't posted up all of our hopes and dreams however the board is a simple reminder to us of the type of people that we'd like to come and of our mission in life.  Every time I pass by it I feel energized and renewed.

Have you ever made a vision board?  If not, I encourage you to!  It can look however you want, it doesn't have to look like ours.  Some people are quite literal with theirs - pasting on images of a house that they would like to live in, car they would like to drive, a child (as a symbol for desiring one of their own), a symbol for health, etc.  All of these things are fine and good however I challenge you to take it a step further and really think hard about your future.  Our time here is short and is not going to last forever, we should enjoy life but also leave a legacy.  What do you want yours to be?