We Are Moving!


So we have some sad but exciting news to share with you today… we are moving! After six years in grad-school my husband is finally wrapping up his PhD and is in the throws of securing a job back up home, in Northern Virginia.

Living here in Williamsburg, Virginia the past few years has been such a blessing to our family. Not only has it been our first home as a married couple but it is where we have experienced immense growth professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. We’ve had our shares of ups and downs but nonetheless it has been a beautiful ride and one that we will treasure forever. While we are eager for what lies ahead up north we are sad to leave our friends, clients, and community behind. Williamsburg has truly become our home and our community.

That being said, we will continue to be here throughout the rest of the summer so there is a lot of time left for coffee dates and tackling of interior styling and decluttering projects! If you have been considering investing in our services, now is the time to do it! Our schedule is quickly filling up with projects however there is room for a few more. If you are ready to get started, email us at: makingroomforpeace@gmail.com.