Welcoming In the New Year


While I think that most of us would say that the "new year" always feels like it begins around the time that school starts back up in the Fall, there is still something special about the "official" New Year in January.  It's a time where collectively people reflect on the past several months: what they have accomplished, mistakes that occurred, and memories that were made.  Its a time also, when resolutions or goals are set for the coming year and we reflect on where we've been, where we are and where we hope to be.  Instead of letting the New Year pass you by, take some time to welcome it in...


Determine Your Values


I can't say enough how taking the time to sit down and determine your values will change your life.  It is something that my husband and I did a year or so ago and it really has affected how we live.  Not only does our list of values determine the purchases that we make and how we spend our time, but they also  direct where we put our focus and energy. 


Create a Vision Board


Vision boards are a beautiful way of visualizing what you would like your future to hold.  What you would like to be doing, who you would like to be with, where you would like to be, and how you would like to feel.  I don't believe that we have the power to control the future (only God does) however I do believe that it is wise to take time to meditate on where we are on our path, where we desire to be and how we might get there.   




In our reflection of the past year, it can be easy to become down on ourselves for mistakes made and missed opportunities.  Take a few minutes to sit with those feelings and then release them.  Forgive yourself and understand that we are constantly growing and that we will make mistakes.  It's our choice whether we allow our mistakes to define us.  Forgive yourself and ask God (and/or those you've wronged) for forgiveness.


Speak Words of Gratitude 


Deciding to have a positive attitude and to speak words of gratitude is going to determine how you live your life.  Guaranteed, your outlook is going to brighter, fuller, and filled with hope.  Take time to reflect on all that there is to be grateful for and speak those words out loud.  Give thanks for all that you have been given and for what you have not.  Miranda Kerr once said that:

"I am grateful for who I am and who I am not.  I am grateful for the life I have been given and for all that I have and all that I don't.  Every breath I take is a blessing and an opportunity to fully experience the sheer joy of being alive."

I love that?!  It is a saying or mantra really, that I repeat to myself often; especially when I start to compare my life with others.