"What do I do with my kids' artwork?"


"Help!  What do I do with my kids' artwork?" 

While I don't yet I have kids of my own, I was intrigued when my friend recently asked this question on her Instagram stories.  I recalled from my days of babysitting seeing art project after art project come home with the kids, week after week.  Some would get thrown away on the sly by their parents after they had gone to bed but more often than not they would be strewn across the fridge and dining room table.

As parents it can be challenging to decide what to keep and what to let go of.  Its thrilling to see the growth and development of our children reflected in the art but really...where do we draw the line?  I asked my friend to share the answers to she got to her question, and this is what they said:


Tips for What To Do With Your Kid's Artwork: 

  • Use a temporary place like a bulletin board or a cable system display to display their artwork as it comes home. Purge the display regularly. The fridge is another option but its high traffic.

  • Keep only the pieces you love. Handwriting and hand/footprints are good candidates. Keep 1-3 pieces (max 10) a year.

  • Use a book with sleeve protectors or a plastic tub for long-term storage - call it their 'portfolio'.

  • You could do this by scanning each piece or taking a picture and then discarding.

  • One friend uses the Keepy app, which I had never heard of. I then discovered there are several apps devoted to storing children’s artwork.

  • My favorite tip is to take a photo of your child holding their favorite piece, it further chronicles the time.