One Entryway, Styled 3 Different Ways


The entry way of a home is one of my favorite spaces to style.  It is threshold where one pauses after coming in from the outside world.  As you take off your shoes and set down your bag, you immediately pick up clues about the people who live in this space - their style, values, age, and life-style.  These clues are observed through the decor, artwork and furniture.  For example, in the homes of young families, storage for shoes, coats, and bags is often a necessity for the entry way.  You will often find a bench of some kind with baskets below and hooks above.  On the other hand, for the young professionals, a mirror and tray for the keys might be seen by the door.  All of these things vary of course per individual but the idea is that entry ways vary widely and have the opportunity to be changed up.  With the amount of visuals that we consume online and in magazines, we often experience the urge to mix up the look of our home. The entry way is the perfect space to do that!  In this article, we're illustrating 3 ways in which you can change up the look of your entryway while maintaining your general sense of style and using pieces that you already own.


Look 01: A Curated Entryway

One of the major ways to change up the look of your entry way is through art work.  There are so many options out there... one, large-scale focal piecea gallery walla mirror; or a more casual look, as shown here in Look 01, where we've leaned a collection of artwork against the wall.  This look is perfect for those who are going for a some-what causal vibe and who love texture and pattern.  They key is to have three pieces of art that vary in height, color, texture, and scale.  To add some warmth to the space I used a raw wooden plank as our back-drop; placing two framed pieces in front.  One of the pieces has an overall pattern while the other is an illustration.  The three of these work well together as they are in the same general color scheme and feel, without competing.  To continue with the "curated" look, I have an assortment of vases, shells, and votives.  Like the artwork, they all speak to one another without fighting.

How to Create a Curated Entryway:

  • Layer your artwork
  • Use a variety of textures, pattern, materials that speak to one another without competing against one another.  These pieces can be items that you picked up through your travels along with items purchased from a store.
  • Add some greenery (faux or real) to brighten up the space
  • Candles - even if it's just one - always add some soul/romance to a space

Look 02: A Chic Entryway

You have the permission to make your entryway more than just a place to drop off your keys and to kick off your shoes.  Heck, why not?  Consider your life-style and how you could elevate this space in your home.  If you are a music lover, consider setting up your record player here, so that as soon as you come home you can get some good vibes going.  Or perhaps you have a beautiful collection of something (vases, candlesticks, action figures... it could be anything!) - why not show it off?  They key is to keep things fairly simplified so that it looks effortless and not cluttered.

For Look 02, we decided to set up a bar at the entryway.  We didn't want it necessarily be the focal point of the entry but something that blended in with the overall design, evoking an air of sophistication.  First step?  Hanging a beautiful, glitzy mirror that normally is in the dining room.  From there I added in a couple vases with fresh greenery, some coffee table books, and a tray with some bar items on it.  We kept the colors, pattern, and textures neutral and simple; adding "glitz" through the use of clear glass and metallics. 

How to Create a Chic Entryway:

  • Keep it simple in terms of color, pattern and textures.
  • Add the "glitz" through the use of clear glass and metalics.
  • Make sure to add in a touch of greenery, to breathe life into the space.
  • Incorporate a mirror.

Look 03: A Casual Entryway

Life can be serious, your entryway doesn't have to be.  Show off your lighthearted side by creating an entryway that is lively and graphic.  Keep it simple with the use of a graphic piece of art, such as this vintage American flag or an old poster.  From there, make sure to incorporate at least one small vase of fresh flowers, a tray for your keys, and some sort of item that you've picked up from your travels.  Going with the American flag-vibe, we threw in some stacked board games as the centerpiece of the table with a wooden bowl on top, to hold the keys.

How to Create a Casual Entryway:

  • Use one, large, graphic piece of art (i.e. a flag, vintage poster, or artwork)
  • Have an interesting bowl to hold your keys
  • Have some sort of collection as the focal point (i.e. action figures, board games, candle sticks, etc.)
  • Incorporate at least one vase of fresh flowers
  • Woven and wood elements evoke "casual"

Photo Credit:

Anna Beth Eskridge and Rebeca Howe