At Making Room for Peace we encourage men and women on their journey of shedding what no longer serves them (physical possessions, thoughts, and behaviors) in order to make room for peace.  We know that the process of decluttering and styling can be overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to invite us to come alongside you, to guide and to cheer you on.  As you open boxes and sift through drawers a lot of questions will arise such as: "what if I need this in the future?"  Having someone there to listen and to work through those thoughts and emotions with is so helpful!  At the end of the process you will come out feeling free… Not only physically (with all of the things that you will have let go of!) but also mentally and emotionally.  Your space will finally be a reflection of your style and of what you value; moving you forward instead of holding you back.  It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving us in order to make room for peace.



  • Residential decluttering

  • Commercial decluttering

  • Downsizing Assistance





  • During our Consultation, we will meet in your home/commercial office to get to know one another and to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and to express your expectations for the overall decluttering process. During this time I will take photographs, notes and measurements as well as discuss the client homework with you, which would have been emailed to you ahead of time.

$75.00 for 1 HR

Decluttering Sessions:

  • Each decluttering session will vary project to project however initially they will begin by going room to room and letting go of anything that is not loved, regularly used or needed.  We will make piles for items that we plan to: keep, donate, recycle, or trash.  During this time, we might re-arrange furniture and make a list of items that you will need to purchase (i.e. storage containers, furniture, etc.) in order for this room to meet your expectations and desires.  If time permits, we will move on to another room!

    • Often times, I will leave my clients with some “homework” to complete while I’m gone (i.e. finishing up specific tasks such as sorting and shredding receipts). This helps the process go much quicker!

    • I am happy to drop off your “donate” and “recycle” items* at local centers for a small, additional fee. This includes home decor and small-scale furniture; medium - large scale pieces will need to be taken care of by the client.

Email Anna Beth for pricing

  • Travel cost: jobs that are 60 minutes or more outside of Williamsburg will be charged a travel fee.

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Some of our recent projects:

Anna Beth’s Kitchen

Anna Beth’s Master Closet


What our clients are saying…


“I was at a point in my life when my house was hopelessly disorganized. When I saw the card for Making Room for Peace on a message board at the Coffee House, I immediately took one. A lovely young lady, Anna Beth demonstrated knowledge and experience throughout our sessions. She explained what she planned to do and the costs associated with it. She offered affordable prices for her work. So, I knew where we would start and what we would do each day. I worked with her so I that I knew what to toss and what to save. She magically turned my kitchen around, using her decluttering tricks to save space. She taught me that I really don’t need everything that I have. As bag after bag was carried out of the house there was more and more space. It was incredible.”

Ann Varacallo


“I really wish I took a ‘before’ picture of our sun-room, because it was out of control! It had become our storage room and was filled with boxes and random things we don’t use anymore. I’ve been wanting to clean out this room and do some decluttering but every time I thought about it, I would get overwhelmed. I hired Making Room for Peace to come and help me and I cannot thank her enough for her help and expertise! We cleared out the sun-room in one morning and I feel so much calmer being in this space now, instead of stressed and anxious like before. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your house and the amount of stuff piling up, please do yourself a favor and reach out to Making Room for Peace, you will not regret it!”

Andrea Guzman