At Making Room for Peace we encourage men and women on their journey of shedding what no longer serves them (physical possessions, thoughts, and behaviors) in order to make room for peace.  We know that the process of styling and decluttering can be overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to invite us to come alongside you, to guide and to cheer you on.  At the end of this process you will come out feeling like your space is finally a true reflection of your style and what you value; moving you forward instead of holding you back.  It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving us in order to make room for peace.


Our Process:



  • During our Consultation, we will meet up at the client's home/office to get to know one another and to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and to express your expectations for the overall styling process. During this time I will take photographs, notes and measurements as well as discuss the client homework with you, which would have been emailed to you ahead of time.

    • Following the Consultation I will come up with a simple “action plan” for what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve your desired goals/look for the space. This action plan will provide a brief overview of what was discussed in our meeting, along with action steps that the client can choose to complete on their own or with the help of me via our styling process.

$60.00 for 1 HR

Styling Process:

  • Designing & Sourcing | Following our Consultation, I will design two options for your space(s) including two sets of rendered: floor plans, elevations and perspectives.*  These designs will feature items that you already own as well as items that will be sourced. This usually takes two weeks to complete and will be delivered to the client via email or in person.

    $350+ total (varies per project)

  • Installation | Once the design has been approved by the client, and the items sourced and purchased, I am available to come back to your space to install the design and style the space.

    $50.00 | HR (2 HR minimum per installation session)

  • Travel cost: jobs that are 60 minutes or more outside of Williamsburg will be charged a travel cost of $15.00 per trip.

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